Get German Holidays

by Aug 10, 2023

Here is a PowerShell function that gets all German holidays, either nationwide or just for your state:

function Get-GermanHoliday
        $Year = (Get-Date).Year,

        $State = 'NATIONAL'

    $url = "$Year"

    $holidays = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -UseBasicParsing

Run the function above, then either run the command as-is:

PS> Get-GermanHoliday

Neujahrstag               : @{datum=2023-01-01; hinweis=}
Karfreitag                : @{datum=2023-04-07; hinweis=}
Ostermontag               : @{datum=2023-04-10; hinweis=}
Tag der Arbeit            : @{datum=2023-05-01; hinweis=}
Christi Himmelfahrt       : @{datum=2023-05-18; hinweis=}
Pfingstmontag             : @{datum=2023-05-29; hinweis=}
Tag der Deutschen Einheit : @{datum=2023-10-03; hinweis=}
1. Weihnachtstag          : @{datum=2023-12-25; hinweis=}
2. Weihnachtstag          : @{datum=2023-12-26; hinweis=} 

Or, submit additional arguments to get specific holidays for a given state:

PS> Get-GermanHoliday -State ni -Year 2023

Let’s assume you want to know the date for the German holiday “Christi Himmelfahrt”. Here is how you could get to that information:

# specify the name of the holiday to look up
$holidayName = 'Christi Himmelfahrt'

# get all holiday information
$holidays = Get-GermanHoliday
# get the particular holiday we are after, read the property "datum"
# and convert the string ISO format to a real DateTime:
$date = $holidays.$holidayName.datum -as [DateTime]