Reading Excel Cells

by Jun 16, 2016

The fastest way to read data from an Excel spreadsheet is to export the data to CSV, then use Import-CSV. However, sometimes the data in an Excel sheet is not tabular, or you want to access specific cells. Here is a sample that accesses cells directly:

$ExcelPath = 'c:\'

$excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application

# keep Excel invisible
# $excel.Visible = $true
$workbook = $excel.Workbooks.Open($ExcelPath)

# pick the start line and the column to read from Excel
$startLine = 1
$column = 1

# read column line by line until an empty cell is found
for ($i = $startLine $i -lt 10000 $i += 1) 
  $cell = $workbook.ActiveSheet.Cells.Item($i, $column).Text
  if ($cell.Trim() -eq '') { break }

Make sure you specify an existing Excel file. Also, you may want to adjust $startLine (the line in the sheet where the code starts), and $column (the column the code outputs).

Note that direct access to Excel sheets requires that you have Excel installed. It also is somewhat slow. Uncomment the line to make Excel visible in case you want to debug the code behavior and see the Excel sheet while it is being read.

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