Searching PowerShell Gallery for New Modules

by May 22, 2020

The official PowerShell Gallery is a public repository with thousands of free PowerShell modules. Instead of reinventing the wheel, it makes total sense to browse the gallery for reusable code that you can use as-is or as a starting point for your own projects. Let’s take a look at how you can discover and download PowerShell code from the PowerShell Gallery.

You can use its graphical frontend at to search for code, but a better and more powerful way is the Find-Module cmdlet. If you are looking for ways to manage Office 365 via PowerShell, here is a line that dumps all modules with the “Office” keyword in its name:

Name                                                  CompanyName                               PublishedDate       Description          
----                                                  -----------                               -------------       -----------          
OfficeOnlineServerDsc                                 {PowerShellTeam, gaelcolas, dsccommunity} 03.04.2020 22:01:30 The OfficeOnlineSe...
Office365DnsChecker                                   rhymeswithmogul                           30.03.2020 14:15:00 Checks a domain's ...
Microsoft.Graph.DevicesApps.OfficeConfiguration       msgraph-sdk-powershell                    17.03.2020 01:24:39 Microsoft Graph Po...
IntraOffice.ContentRepository.Powershell              rderegt                                   06.03.2020 14:26:35 Client library for...
Office365DSC                                          NikCharleboisPFE                          04.03.2020 23:13:30 This DSC module is...
Office365PowershellUtils                                        03.03.2020 00:26:59 A collection of cm...
Office365Cmdlets                                      CData                                     20.02.2020 20:13:29 CData Cmdlets for ...
MSPOffice365Tools                                     majorwitteman                             13.02.2020 20:26:15 Collection of Offi...
AdminToolbox.Office365                                {TaylorLee, Taylor_Lee}                   27.01.2020 15:26:36 Functions for work...
OfficeAddinManager                                    DarrenDK                                  17.12.2019 07:10:08 Module for managin...
PSP-Office365                                         powershellpr0mpt                          20.11.2019 10:57:08 Helper module to g...
Office365MailAliases                                  Cloudenius                                17.11.2019 11:57:07 This module contai...
Office365Toolkit                                      PatrickJD84                               03.09.2019 03:01:36 A collection of sc...
Office365.Connect                                     nicomartens                               22.08.2019 07:58:43 Uses the Windows C...
Office365TokenGet                                     junecastillote                            17.07.2019 03:21:07 Helps you acquire ...
BitTitan.Runbooks.Office365SecurityAndCompliance.Beta BT_AutomationEngineers                    14.05.2019 08:41:04 PowerShell module ...
BitTitan.Runbooks.Office365SecurityAndCompliance      BT_AutomationEngineers                    12.03.2019 07:22:10 PowerShell module ...
Office365Module                                       Giertz                                    24.01.2019 22:56:08 test for ez          
ZIM.Office365                                         Mikezim                                   14.12.2018 11:53:54 Provides a set of ...
MZN.Office365                                         michael.zimmerman                         14.12.2018 08:10:26 Provides a set of ...
JumpCloud.Office365.SSO                               Scottd3v                                  14.06.2018 16:13:13 Functions to enabl...
Office365GraphAPI                                     chenxizhang                               12.06.2017 15:14:57 Office 365 Graph A...
Office365Connect                                      Gonjer                                    18.05.2017 21:13:41 Office365Connect i...
RackspaceCloudOffice                                  {mlk, paul.trampert.rackspace}            28.09.2016 14:34:25 REST client for th...
Office365                                             StevenAyers                               16.07.2016 10:53:36 For Microsoft Part...
OfficeProvider                                        abaker                                    01.03.2016 21:00:35 OfficeProvider all... 

The list includes the publisher and module description, and it sorts the modules from new to old. The PublishedDate column indicates whether a module was added to the Gallery recently so you can immediately see whether it is well maintained and worth a look.

If you find a particular module interesting, dump all of its metadata:

PS> Find-Module -Name Office365PowershellUtils -Repository PSGallery | Select-Object -Property *

Name                       : Office365PowershellUtils
Version                    : 1.1.5
Type                       : Module
Description                : A collection of cmdlets for managing Office365
Author                     : R. Josh Nylander
CompanyName                :
Copyright                  : (c) 2012 WTA. All rights reserved.
PublishedDate              : 03.03.2020 00:26:59
InstalledDate              : 
UpdatedDate                : 
LicenseUri                 : 
ProjectUri                 : 
IconUri                    : 
Tags                       : {PSModule}
Includes                   : {Function, RoleCapability, Command, DscResource...}
PowerShellGetFormatVersion : 
ReleaseNotes               : 
Dependencies               : {}
RepositorySourceLocation   :
Repository                 : PSGallery
PackageManagementProvider  : NuGet
AdditionalMetadata         : @{summary=A collection of cmdlets for managing Office365; versionDownloadCount=33; ItemType=Module; 
                             copyright=(c) 2012 WTA. All rights reserved.; PackageManagementProvider=NuGet; CompanyName=Whatcom 
                             Transportation Authority; SourceName=PSGallery; tags=PSModule; created=03.03.2020 00:26:59 +01:00; 
                             description=A collection of cmdlets for managing Office365; published=03.03.2020 00:26:59 +01:00; 
                             developmentDependency=False; NormalizedVersion=1.1.5; downloadCount=296; 
                             GUID=c6b26555-2b5f-45bc-affe-ef1c31580df3; lastUpdated=02.04.2020 16:50:22 +02:00; Authors=R. Josh 
                             Nylander; updated=2020-04-02T16:50:22Z; Functions=Find-MsolUsersWithLicense 
                             Update-MsolLicensedUsersFromGroup Update-MsolUserUsageLocation Change-ProxyAddress Add-ProxyAddress 
                             Remove-ProxyAddress Set-ProxyAddress Sync-ProxyAddress Test-ProxyAddress Get-ProxyAddressDefault 
                             Enable-SecurityGroupAsDistributionGroup Disable-SecurityGroupAsDistributionGroup Start-DirSync 
                             Get-NextDirSync Suspend-UserMailbox Resume-UserMailbox Test-Mailbox Get-MailboxMemberOf 
                             Clear-MailboxMemberOf Use-Office365 Export-PSCredential Import-PSCredential; isLatestVersion=True; 
                             PowerShellVersion=3.0; IsPrerelease=false; isAbsoluteLatestVersion=True; packageSize=16635; FileList=Office3
                             olicy.ps1; requireLicenseAcceptance=False}  

If you are just interested in the source code, use Save-Module and download the module to a folder of your choice:

# path to source code
$path = "c:\sources"

# name of module to investigate
$moduleName = "Office365PowershellUtils"

# create folder
$null = New-Item -Path $path -ItemType Directory

# download module
Save-Module -Name $moduleName -Path $path -Repository PSGallery

# open folder with sources
explorer (Join-Path -Path $path -ChildPath $moduleName)

If you’d like to actually use the module as-is, use Install-Module instead:

PS> Install-Module -Name Office365PowershellUtils -Scope CurrentUser -Repository PSGallery   

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