Use Out-GridView as Output Window

by Jul 1, 2019

Typically, Out-GridView opens a window and displays whatever you pipe into the cmdlet:

PS C:\> Get-Service | Out-GridView 

However, with a little trick Out-GridView becomes even more versatile. You can pipe information to the same output window whenever you want to.

First, get yourself an instance of Out-GridView that thinks it is running in a pipeline:

$pipeline = { Out-GridView }.GetSteppablePipeline()

Now, you can output whatever you want by calling “Process”. Each call to Process() is like piping an element to the cmdlet:

$pipeline.Process('Hello this is awesome!')
Start-Sleep -Seconds 4
$pipeline.Process('You can output any time...')

When you are done, call End() to end the pipeline:


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