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Resource Governor and All of its Glory


Most of you have experiences with one or two bad college roommates who got on your nerves, created uncomfortable living situations, and finally ruined your grades. That is the story of your SQL Server databases. In a shared environment, some SQL databases can eat up most available CPUs and memories and slow down productivities for […]

New Free Tool: Windows Capacity Check


We are excited to introduce Windows Capacity Check, our newest free tool. Windows Capacity Check compiles server capacity data in a single easy-to-use heat map dashboard. It allows IT professionals to quickly analyze data with a simple red, yellow, green visual dashboard. Windows Capacity Check lets you see CPU utilization, memory, disk and network resources. […]

SQL 2016 Always Encrypted: A Look Ahead

In my last post I discussed some of the upcoming features of SQL Server 2016 and the effect they may have on our products here at Idera. Today I’d like to focus more specifically on one feature: Always Encrypted. Overview SQL 2016 Always Encrypted is a new technology that simplifies the process of storing and […]

New Free Tool: SQL Hekaton Memory Check

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.19.17 AM

We recently launched  SQL Hekaton Memory Check, a free tool that allows database administrators (DBAs) to see real-time memory usage on all SQL Server instances that use Hekaton, and take immediate action to avoid downtime and optimize appropriately. Hekaton, Microsoft’s in-memory database for online transaction processing in SQL Server, can increase processing speeds up to 30x […]

#IderaChat with Brent Ozar Roundup


[View the story "#Iderachat with Brent Ozar Roundup" on Storify] Interested in learning about Idera’s top tools? View our top tools here.

SQL Server 2016 – What Caught Our Eye

Author: Vicky Harp, Senior Product Manager On June 24, Microsoft announced the availability of CTP 2.1 of SQL Server 2016 – the second public preview of the upcoming SQL Server 2016 release and another step along the path toward its eventual release. Here at Idera we are following developments for this version of SQL Server […]

Infographic: Automated Database Development Process

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.19.09 AM

Database systems are critical to the success of any business, regardless the size, which is why more organizations are adopting automated database development processes. The reason behind the adoption is to increase overall efficiency and reduce the risks associated with recurring changes to their database. Be sure to check out the full infographic on to […]

Free Tool – Windows Health Check


A new Idera free tool, Windows Health Check, is available for download from  This agentless tool offers basic Windows server monitoring with a simple, one screen dashboard and can be downloaded, installed, and configured in minutes. Understanding the health of your Windows servers is a multi-click hunting process unless you have a tool that aggregates […]

PowerShell Plus: A Powerful Tool for DBAs


PowerShell in a nutshell Windows PowerShell, a Microsoft tool, is a command-line user interface and a scripting language, built on the .NET framework, which is used to automate a lot of tedious system administration tasks. For example you can use PowerShell to create SQL server database, get a server version and attributes or you can […]

In Database Automation We Trust


Just last week we hosted a Geek Sync with the CTO and Founder of DBMaestro, Yaniv Yehuda. Yaniv walked through what continuous delivery for databases is all about, why DBAs are so mistrusting, and ways to overcome that mistrust and conquer database automation. If you’re interested in viewing this webinar you can watch it on […]