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How to Get the Most from Your Software Vendor


This topic is relevant to more than just Idera and it comes from experience working for and with multiple software vendors in multiple industries.  The simple realization is that certain customers seem to know how to gain advantages beyond the purchases and products they own.  So I am revealing the secrets that those select few […]

SQL Server Indexing Basics


The SQL Server Indexing is one of the most important pieces to a high performing SQL Server database. Indexes allow DBAs to quickly look up values in tables or views which speed up query processes. They are the easiest way to boost query performance. Types of Indexes There are two main types of SQL Server […]

September #SQLChat – How to Become A DBA


We are gearing up for our next installment of #SQLChat that will be taking place on September 9 from 11 AM to 12 PM CDT. Join us for our 2nd monthly Live Twitter Chat with guest presenter Andy Warren @sqlandy and Idera product expert, Vicky Harp @VickyHarp as we discuss the initial steps to becoming a DBA. Use #SQLChat to […]

Manage Your SQL Indexes Idera-ly!


Indexes in SQL databases can have a large positive impact on the performance of your SQL server or they can be your worst nightmare, depending on how you create them. The original intent with having an index is to reduce the look up time by making queries run faster. Indexes are essential for improving SQL […]

August 2015 #SQLChat – The Adaptive DBA

The first edition of our monthly #SQLChat took place on August 12. Inspired by Scott Stone’s Whitepaper, this month’s Twitter Chat revolved around the Adaptive DBA. [View the story "August 2015 #SQLChat - The Adaptive DBA" on Storify]

The Duckiest Day of the Year


Idera was a proud sponsor of the second annual Austin Duck Derby benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Austin on August 8. The Derby reached its donation goal of 12,000 ducks and launched over 10,000 off the Anne W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge into Lake Austin where they began their race. Each duck purchased […]

It’s Debate Season: Choosing the Best IT Ops Candidate


At the time of this writing, there are only 462 days until the next US presidential elections. So of course that means it’s debate season! With over 20 presidential candidates declared so far and today’s 24-hour news cycle, you need a strategy to evaluate those seeking office so you can pick the next president. IT […]

August #SQLChat – The Adaptive SQL Server DBA


We are excited to announce our first monthly #SQLChat Twitter Chat where members from the SQL community will be able to discuss SQL Server’s biggest topics with Idera product experts, and have a chance to win a giveaway prize. Mark your calendars! Our first Twitter Chat will be on August 12 from 10 a.m. to […]

Resource Governor and All of its Glory


Most of you have experiences with one or two bad college roommates who got on your nerves, created uncomfortable living situations, and finally ruined your grades. That is the story of your SQL Server databases. In a shared environment, some SQL databases can eat up most available CPUs and memories and slow down productivities for […]

New Free Tool: Windows Capacity Check


We are excited to introduce Windows Capacity Check, our newest free tool. Windows Capacity Check compiles server capacity data in a single easy-to-use heat map dashboard. It allows IT professionals to quickly analyze data with a simple red, yellow, green visual dashboard. Windows Capacity Check lets you see CPU utilization, memory, disk and network resources. […]