Application and Server Management

Entire data centers may reside in cloud environments

Data centers will find a home in cloud environments in the near future.

Businesses are warming up to the idea of not just hosting a few databases and applications in cloud environments, but migrating their entire data centers to these flexible services.

Want to change careers in 2015? Join the DBA squad

DBAs have it good throughout the IT industry.

The typical IT cycle is pretty straightforward for job creation.

Security comes into focus during popular online shopping periods

Companies have to get serious about security during popular online shopping periods.

Businesses that accept consumer payments and store customer information in databases have to focus on maintaining SQL security during busy shopping periods, especially around the holidays.

Employees, employers alike should be familiar with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is making waves throughout the IT sector.

The IT industry is often defined by the latest trends influencing the marketplace.

The IT industry needs more women in important tech roles

The IT industry needs more women in important roles and executive positions.

The IT industry is experiencing impressive growth thanks to trends including cloud computing, big data, mobile devices and social networking.

Want to keep your job? Don’t succumb to these security blunders

Security missteps can leave employees looking for new jobs.

IT employees who want to stay at their jobs have to uphold corporate security policies day in and day out.

IT industry fully shifting to cloud model

Cloud computing is now "mission critical" to the IT industry.

Organizations and employees alike should be ready to become even more familiar with cloud computing in the near future.

Winter is coming: It’s time to take a different approach to disaster recovery

Cloud computing offers small businesses a viable way to back up databases to weather disasters.

Companies with an on-site SQL backup strategy for their corporate databases may think they are doing the right thing when it comes to preparing for Mother Nature.

Career got you down in the dumps? Become a DBA

DBAs have a bright future in the employment field.

Are you tired of performing the same task over and over again on a daily basis?

Government body tells businesses to address SQL injection vulnerabilities

SQL injections remain a thorn in companies' side.

SQL security remains an issue for companies on a global scale.