Now Available – SQL Diagnostic Manager 9.0 featuring the New Web Dashboard and Advanced Query Plan Diagnostics

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The role of the DBA can sometimes be a thankless endeavor. When everything is running as it should, most of the organization doesn’t notice the hard work you do. However, have something go wrong and everybody comes out of the woodwork calling your name and offering his or her view of the situation. In a […]

Review SQL Diagnostic Manager, Win an iPad Mini 3!

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Looking for a SQL Server monitoring solution? SQL Diagnostic Manager is here to help. Try SQL Diagnostic Manager for free and give us your feedback for a chance to win an iPad Mini 3! Some features of SQL Diagnostic Manager include: • Query monitoring to see the causes of blocks and deadlocks • History browsing […]

Infographic: Accidental DBA Survey Results


The Idera Team recently conducted an “Accidental DBA” survey to gain insights into why so many database administrators began their career with no formal training. Take a look at the Infographic below to better understand DBA’s evolving role and to see industry trends for 2015.

Infographic: Are You a DBA Looking for Extra Funding?


When you ask a DBA the reasoning behind not having adequate database management, you will more than likely hear this answer: not enough funding. So as a DBA, how do you convince upper level management to provide you with the funds you need to ensure your databases are monitored? Take a look at this Infographic […]

Idera’s Top 5 White Papers of 2014

Idera Top 5 Whitepapers

2014 was a busy year for the Idera team. Besides launching new free tools and product updates, we also produced many white papers from SQL Server experts to help avoid common SQL mistakes & improve server performance. Here are the 5 most popular Idera white papers of 2014: 5 Reasons Your SQL Server is Slow […]

Can SQL injections be stopped? One expert thinks so

Can companies stop SQL injections from succeeding once and for all?

SQL injections are unique compared to other cyberattacks. These threats are very common and have been around for a while.

Entire data centers may reside in cloud environments

Data centers will find a home in cloud environments in the near future.

Businesses are warming up to the idea of not just hosting a few databases and applications in cloud environments, but migrating their entire data centers to these flexible services.

Want to change careers in 2015? Join the DBA squad

DBAs have it good throughout the IT industry.

The typical IT cycle is pretty straightforward for job creation.

Security comes into focus during popular online shopping periods

Companies have to get serious about security during popular online shopping periods.

Businesses that accept consumer payments and store customer information in databases have to focus on maintaining SQL security during busy shopping periods, especially around the holidays.

Employees, employers alike should be familiar with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is making waves throughout the IT sector.

The IT industry is often defined by the latest trends influencing the marketplace.