In Database Automation We Trust


Just last week we hosted a Geek Sync with the CTO and Founder of DBMaestro, Yaniv Yehuda. Yaniv walked through what continuous delivery for databases is all about, why DBAs are so mistrusting, and ways to overcome that mistrust and conquer database automation. If you’re interested in viewing this webinar you can watch it on […]

New Free Tool – SQL Statistics Aggregator

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Turning on SET STATISTICS IO or SET STATISTICS TIME provides important query execution data to aid in tuning. The problem is that parsing through this data to find the hot spots as you examine and tune the query can be a tedious process. SQL Statistics Aggregator, our newest free tool, simplifies this manual and iterative […]

May the 4th Be With You!


Happy Star Wars Day from all of us here at the Idera team. To celebrate, we are giving away a Darth Vader Toaster from to one lucky winner on Twitter. Here’s how to enter: 1.  Retweet Idera’s #StarWarsDay Tweet on the @Idera_Software Twitter feed. 2. Be entered to win an awesome Star Wars Toaster […]

Idera Now Silver Level Global Alliance Partner with PASS


Exciting news! Idera is now a Silver Level Global Alliance Partner with PASS. This partnership helps further our continued investment in the SQL community. “Idera has been a long-time supporter of PASS and the PASS community, and our team has benefited greatly from their valuable education and networking opportunities over the years,” said Heidi Farris, […]

Better Safe Than Sorry

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Author: Robert Anderson, Sr. Director Product Management How many of you look forward to laundry day? Doing laundry is one of those boring, menial tasks we have to do and when we don’t do it, there are consequences. The most mundane things in the world are the ones we pay the least attention to, yet […]

Manage Your SQL Indexes Idera-ly!


Indexes in SQL databases can have a large positive impact on the performance of your SQL server or they can be your worst nightmare, depending on how you create them. The original intent with having an index is to reduce the look up time by making queries run faster. Indexes are essential for improving SQL […]

Why Use SQL Safe Backup?


Perform a SQL backup across your servers while saving time, reducing failures, saving space, and with Instant Restore capabilities. Here’s how.

Would Extra Funding Make Your Life as a DBA Easier?


Database administrators are responsible for key tasks throughout the organization, including maintaining data performance and security, among plenty of other critical roles. With so many responsibilities and first-hand experience, DBAs have the pull to request funding for projects. Unfortunately, not all of these staff members are successful in earning such finances. Go to the higher-ups […]

Idera’s Very Own Rockstar, Vicky Harp!


Vicky Harp is our in house genius here at Idera. Her many years of developing DBA tools has put her in the unique position of truly understanding the issues DBAs face while also working to solve them in the easiest and most intuitive way possible. She is always one to happily answer questions, step up […]

How to Deal with an Inherited SQL Server

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Are you a database administrator who just started a new job? Have you just taken administrator responsibilities for a new business unit’s databases? Having a plan for the first week of your new job as a database administrator, whether you are a highly experienced DBA or not, is a critical task. Asking the right questions, […]